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About eTechLogix
We are a Development Firm located in Arizona with an office in India. We’ve worked on multi-million dollar ERP software and have helped build some amazing web applications, sites and systems.

Our Team

You will love working with our project managers because they manage the resources, time and budget and make sure your needs and client needs are met. This lets you remove your self from all the small details which slow down projects so you can focus on the bigger picture in working with your clients. We work for you as if we were in your office and part of your staff and leave the communicating up to you when it comes to the end client.


Everyone want’s transparency and that is why use basecamp to coordinate client resources and update you on progress. This lets you keep tabs on all the work that is being done without needing to check in every morning(even though we do love to chat.)We are also very transparent about the work involved, our quotes and what we charge. This helps you manage cost and expectations with your clients.


With over 9 years of project management experience, a team of 20+ expert programmers, rates as low as $12 an hour(depending on work) and a team that is just a phone call or an email away, your going to want to call us for your next project. We ARE the company that doesn’t settle for second-rate and delivers the quality that everyone wants.

Our Commitment on Every Project

Our Process

We take a good look at every project and understand all the details before getting started. This let’s us give you a very accurate quote and timeline to ensure we deliver more then expected.

We also use basecamp to sync files, share code with you and keep you up to date on the progress of the project. Your project manager will also be reaching out to you ever couple days just to say hello and keep you up to date. Or you can call them anytime.

Unlimited Capactiy + More Time

Our team is your team when it comes to development. This means you can now work with EVERY CLIENT that comes in your door and you no longer need to turn down that business.

You also get to focus on the more profitable parts of your business and can stop worrying about bugs and late night troubleshooting; we take of that for you.

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