Enhance The Reliability Of Your business in IT!

Individuals and Companies looking for dynamic IT services to meet their day to day challenges in IT shouldopt for a reliable cloud computing services to stay ahead in the market .This will also allow them to be open to all latest technological enhancements to grow their business. Amazon Web Services is considered as the leading public cloud platform in the industry as per the Gartner’s magic quadrant 2018.With the help of cloud service, which are flexible enough for daily needs,customerscan easily handle all the IT infrastructure related challenges. Amazon offers vast number of cloud services through their globally spread data centers. Developers and Companies looking to migrate to or deploy their application or websites to the AWS Cloud can put their trust on EtechLogix for the move and achieve the high yielding results with minimal efforts and time.

AWS Services Offered By EtechLogix

  • Infrastructure Solutions Designing
  • Storage Solutions
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network )
  • Security
  • Operations
  • Delivery Optimization
  • Website/Application Deployment and Migration

EtechLogix is one of the leading companies that offer the best services and support to all customer with their IT needs. They can achieve their desired business result even earlier than the stipulated time. We help in lowering the cost for IT expertise that can solve complex AWS issues and add value to the customers.

AWS is one of the flexible, fast as well as affordable platforms that help in boosting the company in maintaining IT services.


IT Architectural framework are considered as the best way to communicate the Network and topology of an IT service.EtechLogix helps in creating better architecture for their budding clients which will be robust and reliable.All the details are designed are displayed in a simple manner so that the person can easily understand them in their current environment .These designs are then used to create master design or any other technical documentation. We offer the best architects who can create the best solutions as per the customer’s need.

Cost saving and optimization

Generally customers tend to migrate in cloud because of the cost effectiveness and minimal housekeeping . ETechLogix helps in analyzing the configuration of AWS and look for different ways in which the company can optimize the performance whilst maximizing on cost savings.

Security and governance

Security as well as governance is considered as the major concerns when it comes to public cloud. The company offers experts who can easily manage the tool to secure the environment and the confidential data from any threats.


Etechlogix will help the business of all the sizes so that they can manage the AWS cloud. As moving to AWS can be an overwhelming experience for people. The company helps customers in taking their first step into the cloud and grow.

Some of the tools that can help in speeding a sample website are

  • Amazon Cloudfront
  • Amazon ElasticCache

Amazon has a high- performance database like

  • Amazon Aurora
  • Dynamo DB
  • Amazon Redshift

Experts at EtechLogix offer the best support round the clock so that the customers can have minimal downtime with low cost and maintenance. EtechLogix keeps the you informed about all the services available in the industry and, the Pros and Cons associated with each, so that you can make an educated and informed decision. We use of the industry standard tool and the services needed to deliver maximum performance within affordable prices to complete the projects.