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The Problem with Ecommerce

Many ecommerce store owners realize that building, managing and maintaining an ecommerce store is not always a walk in the park. It is true that many ecommerce options offer a lot of tutorials with regards to issues, but that information is often technical and missing essential details. A store owners responsibility should be to operate and promote their store and let someone else worry about the technical details. This is how the most successful stores unlock their full potential – which is why they hire developers and designers to help them out.

Along that line though, even the most experienced developer needs a little help every once in a while, especially when a developer starts to get into code that is outside their primary focus.

Even Pros Need Help
Our team of developers are incredible and efficiently solve all ecommerce problems that come their way.

Image Issues

Lightbox not working, homeslider can’t upload or is not showing pictures, thumbnail problems

Shopping cart problems

Products not added to cart, products added to cart but cart shows empty, checkout errors, slow load times

Incomplete and form registration errors

Sign-up problems, not redirecting after sign-up


Logo overlaps with store name, incomplete menu tabs

Missing information

Product details missing, not uploaded or incorrect

Payment errors

Incomplete payments, shipping errors, paypal api

Other Problems We Solve

Complete Store Migration

Many successfull online store owners are stuck in one system and have a desire to move to a new one – a process which can be time-consuming at best. If you don’t have enough time to do so, or if you’re too busy with other clients’ requests, we can do the migration for you. We have done hundreds of migrations and know-how to make sure that the transfer is as seamless as possible. Customer data, products data, orders data, and any other data are carefully and completely documented before any transfer is made.

In addition, we can also help in moving upgrading the current ecommerce software and plugins to newer version to test for compatability.

Modules and Plugins

Modules / Plugins / Extensions are an absolute must in every ecommerce store with each one adding varied amounts of value. When a client wants to add a new function to their site, the developer(you) often have to go hunting for a a module, plugin or extension that fits the need. Sometimes this is easy other times it’s an uphill battle with lots of time doing trial an error which cost you time and money or even worse, you will have to build it from scratch. This is where we come in and find modules that work, set them up and modify if needed, or build from scratch.

Either way, you get to focus on the more profitable parts of your business (interacting with clients and meeting their needs) and let us take care of the monotanous hard work for you.