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Extra Hands

WordPress is without a doubt one of the largest and most powerful open source Content Management Systems in the world today. Its wide array of features and functions made it a popular choice for many people – from individual bloggers to large corporations – for their online presence. Because of the technicalities involved with the use of WordPress, these people turn to developers just like you for help.

But even pros like you need a helping hand every now and then.

Caved-in under a pile of projects? Having trouble with a particular code? Need themes or plug-ins developed? You can count on our reliable team of WordPress experts to share the burden.

We Rock open source CMS’s

Our team here at eTechLogix is composed of highly skilled and knowledgeable WordPress, Joomla and Drupal developers with years of programming experience under their belts, and each and every one on board this team is a specialist in his or her field. Hiring us is like getting all their expertise right there at your fingertips.

Were always buliding new sites and updating current systems for our clients which means were up to date on the lateset technology and bugs, features. Thin means we don’t need to take guesses at solving the problem and we can guarantee our results will wow your clients.

We help propel your business to an all new level, because your able to produce better results for your clients, in less time. From complete WordPress development to maintenance and upgrades. we’ve got it all covered for you. We’re not your ordinary general programmers – we’re your go-to guys for everything WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Our Commitment on Every Project

Our Process

We take a good look at every project and understand all the details before getting started. This let’s us give you a very accurate quote and timeline to ensure we deliver more then expected.

We also use basecamp to sync files, share code with you and keep you up to date on the progress of the project. Your project manager will also be reaching out to you ever couple days just to say hello and keep you up to date. Or you can call them anytime.

Unlimited Capactiy + More Time

Our team is your team when it comes to development. This means you can now work with EVERY CLIENT that comes in your door and you no longer need to turn down that business.

You also get to focus on the more profitable parts of your business and can stop worrying about bugs and late night troubleshooting; we take of that for you.

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